Version 1.2

Are you lacking a little 'something'...? Things not going your way? Girls or guys paying you no attention? Not stacking enough paper? ....Well we have the cure.


You NEED the 'SwagApp"; Simply re-charge your 'SWAG' every morning and watch your money grow longer, your hustles become relentless and honeys & players magnetically fall in your palm... :-D

  • Unlimited amounts of 'SWAG' available completely FREE.
  • Using the new cutting edge 'Swag-Atom' technology for the best SWAG charges.
  • Improves health, wealth and well being, Swag is good for the mind, body and soul.
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection NOT required.

NEW: Using the NEW "Swag-Atom" Technology for the best SWAG recharges

UPDATED: Swag-o-meter now added for 100% accurate measurements of Swag Recharges.

Finger Swag Charger is now compatible for both male and females!

WOW... I am all SWAGGED up thanks to SwagApp, this app has got me feeling great, I use it daily!!!

- Some Guy someguy.com

Everytime i recharge... damn... i feel like cookin' .. SWAG.. SWAG.. yeeeeeeeeeeeaaah SWAG.

- Some Girl somegirl.com

OMG!!! This sh*t works, i charge up my SWAG every morning using this app and I feel GREAT... best of all this SWAG is 100% FREEE!!!! thanks guys!

- Some Guy someguy.com

Installed in seconds and works perfectly, never experienced any bugs or errors when using.

- Some Girl somegirl.com
Where can I get support?

If you need assistance with some 'SWAG' or your having problems becoming SWAGGED out, just contact our support team via the contact section.

Want to get featured on this site?

Simply send in a photo or video of you and your friends getting SWAGGERED out with the [SWAG]App and we'll post it up :D

Send it to: imsoswag@getswagapp.com

How much does SWAG cost?

Yep, we have decided to make it a 100% FREE for everyone. So put your stacks away cause everyone can get SWAGGED out for absolutely NOTHING. Swag.

This is just SWAG.


Who Are The Makers of SwagApp?

We are all put on this earth for a purpose, some of us preach, some of us save lives, some of us give hope. At New Harvard Media, we want to make the world a better place by providing FREE 'Swag' for anyone who requires it.

Whether your Souljaboy swaggin on 30 thousand hundred million, your Lil B cooking up some ' wonton soup...or even if your P 'SWAG' Diddy, we all have our bad days....but FEAR NOT.

Simply activate the SwagApp and re-charge your 'swag' to a 100% every morning, Live Life to the FULLEST with a ton of SWAG, ya dig?!

Swag out. SWAG. SWAG. SWAG. gucci!!

Founder of CloudFreshApps. SWAG.

The "NHM" Team

App Screenshots

SwagApp 1.2

Released on 09/06/11
  • New: NEWEST 'Swag Atom' Technology now integerated into SwagApp
  • Fixed: Finger Swag Charge compatible with male and female fingers.
  • Fixed: Increased speed and Swag-Atom releases.

SwagApp 1.1 (Beta)

Released on 01/04/11
  • Fixed: SWAG Re-Charger upgrade from i5 processer.
  • Update: Swag-o-meter added for accurate measurements of SWAG.

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